Stop thinking like that
no matter what
After a nearly two-decades long run in and out of the bowels of the diseases Jason Hyland finally surrendered and found the courage to ask for help. His journey in recovery gives hope to anyone facing great challenges in life, that no matter how far down you have dropped, you can pick yourself up, and be even better than you ever imagined. During his first couple months sober, a newfound passion and burning rush filled him within. 

This passion has brought to light what is now Stop Thinking Like That. All the while living in a sober-home with upwards of eighteen other addicts and alcoholics, he relentlessly pursued his passion of spreading the message of hope. His tireless efforts seep through the pages in his quest to find the greatest version of himself that exists. He leaves you wanting to jump out of you chair and attack life, with constant motivation and reminders of what we are capable of despite how lost we may feel we are.
multiple national bestseller
· alcoholism
· drug dependency
· only $9.97!!!
"A memoir that is written with raw honesty and candor, Jason Hyland’s story is remarkable. There are many lessons to be learned from Jason and his challenges and I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be inspired. One thing is for sure, the way you think will change the way you live." 
Michael Alden 3X Wall Street Journal & USA Today Best Selling author.
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